Nomad Village

Queen of Hills, "Shimla", the erstwhile winter capital of British India , is known for its serene natural beauty, breathtaking sunsets and European weather. A cheerful & lively hilly town fulll of hustle-bustle, shopping streets & British era architecture. But all the tourists acquainted with the town know its greatest affliction, traffic woes & difficulty in finding seclusion. But just 15 kms from this hill station, carefully hidden amongst dense evergreen forests is this small campsite which could be serendipity of a life time for travelers who are in search of tranquility, away from the chaos & miseries of this materialistic world. Equipped with all basic necessities, this place allows one to spend a peaceful time with their loved ones. listening to wind whistling through the pine leaves, heaving a stroll in the lovely woods, watching picturesque sunset, warming around the bonfire, listening to guitar performances by local lads, relishing Indian cuisine. Family, couple or single, any genre of tourists & travelers can definitely find the quantum of solace they starve for. Romantic honeymoon, family retreat with kids, hanging out with friends or just a lone trip, our organizers can create custom ambience as per your pick. Environmentalist nerds can pick up a shovel and plant a tree from our nursery, which would be taken care of, till the next time you come. A couple of hiking tracks from the site lead to unexplored locations amidst the forest. This place is surely a heaven for nature enthusiasts & bohemian travelers who love exploring sites not mentioned in guide books.